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SOC ONLINE- The SOC students were very fortunate to have been visited by the UUM Alumni, Miss Teoh Jun Rui in an industrial talk organized at School of Computing (SOC) on the 23rd November 2016. Graduated from UUM in 2015, Jun was a member of the UUM Enactus Team. Currently working in the department of Human Resources as the recruitment officer of Piktochart, her talk includes the promotion of Piktochart as a Software as a Service type of company. The company welcomes for an internship in IT and Computer Science with a very attractive package of allowances and other benefits. She also shared her experiences in getting job in the company and some tips when attending interviews and preparing resume. More importantly, she highlighted top 10 skills that industries are seeking from the graduates; 1) leadership, 2) teamwork, 3) interpersonal skill, 4) critical thinking, 5) passion, 6) organizational skills, 7) emotional intelligence, 8) academic results, 9) working experience and 10) cultural fit. Academic results, even though rated as number eight in the list, is still become the main filtering criteria before selecting applicants for an interview. She stressed that industries give high emphasis on soft skills, and yet there exist a lot of Malaysian graduates who do not fulfil those essential skills, which leads to unemployment problem in Malaysia. Therefore, she advised the students to improve themselves to suite the industrial requirements before graduating. The industrial talk ended with the presentation of the corporate video of Piktochart. By attending this talk, the students were exposed to the industrial needs and job opportunities, as well as a new presentation tool that can be used in their classes. This talk was attended by the SOC Dean, SOC management team, representatives of lecturers, the members of UUM Computer Club (ITech) as well as BSc. IT students.

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